4 Reasons You Don’t Use Deer Hunting Face Paint

4 Foolish Reasons Hunters Don’t Use Deer Hunting Face Paint

4 Reasons You Don’t Use Deer Hunting Face Paint

It needs to be talked about! There is a great divide, a rift if you will between deer hunters. However this fissure does not lay between bow hunters or gun hunters, between compound or recurve bow hunters, no it’s much more trivial than that.  By just seeing the title, we can bet you know what we are talking about. There are two hunters in this world is probably what you are thinking, the old school traditional hunter or “old guy”, and the new millennial generation of TV and cell phone hunters. What are we talking about here? The answer is simple, 4 reasons that you do not use deer hunting face paint.

While there might be several functional or personal reasons that can account for you not using camo face paint when you are hunting, talking to most hunters reveals that most of them hold the opinion that “it is not needed”. However, when you dig further into their reasoning and understand of what is going on with hunters on social media you quickly realize the divide. It comes down to one potential root and foolish reason hunters don’t use deer hunting face paint…

Reason 1: The Selfie Generation

One very real root and reason that deer hunters choose not to use deer hunting face paint stems back to the selfie! This gem and combination between selfies and face paint to some has surely “ruined deer hunting” as far as they are concerned. It obviously goes farther than the selfie. Yes it’s goofy, silly, childish, but when the cards are on the table, we bet you have taken at least one in your life! Can we go as far as saying the selfie is creating a divide between hunters? Yes or no?

Taking a selfie is as common as water on this planet anymore, its everywhere, including the deer stand. While some just take selfies, others take it to the next level by capturing dramatic pictures of themselves with elaborate deer hunting face paint patterns. The reason? More often than not it is just to post to Facebook, Instagram, or more recently to send amongst their friends on Snapchat. The selfie while hunting, with camo face paint on is becoming more and more popular and the reason for this is the upcoming millennial generation entering the outdoors and the hunting lifestyle. This generation is glued to their phones, it is an extension of their body, and it is only natural for them to include it when they are enjoying themselves when hunting. Unfortunately this habit does leave a bad taste in the mouths of those on the other side of the court.

Individuals that fall out of the generation, and even some within it, look at the selfie as a virus in the hunting community. TV show hunting, filming your own hunts, and any screen in use while in the outdoors seems to be right up there with the selfie as far as “ruining deer hunting” is concerned. This creates a divide, in those hunter minds “by not using face paint for hunting, you are not associating yourself with the virus”. Sound about right? This is foolish, and here is why! While taking a selfie while wearing camo face paint is not one of the main reasons you should go hunting, how you should spend your time when you are in the woods,  and the fact that the screen can portray false expectations and dramatizations for hunters,  it is helping solve an even bigger issue! Hunter recruitment.

While the selfie might be the main root or reason of why you do not wear camo face paint when hunting, it might be the main reason or root for a young hunter to go hunting. If this selfie generation feels the need and enjoys taking selfies and posting their success, failure, or simply time in the outdoors, no one should look down on it. So is it creating a divide? While you still might think it is, and still roll your eyes when you see a selfie of a hunter with deer hunting face paint on, or when someone is filming their hunt you, are forgetting something crucial. If it gets the youth outdoors and brings up the ranks in our hunting community, then by all means selfie away! We need to stick together! While this is not telling you to wear face paint when hunting, it is revealing that showing support might ensure your passion is passed onto the next generation, which is by far more important than whether or not a young hunter should or should not take selfies with face paint on.

Reason 2: It’s A Pain to Get Off

If a deer hunter can get past the thinking beyond selfies and face paint, there are several functional issue that synch a hunters desire to wear deer hunting face paint. The main reason, and number two on our list is most face paints are a complete pain to get off! Face paint has always in history been a way to prepare for the hunt or even a battle, it can sometimes feel like installing a predatory instinct or help to motivate your mind, your goals, and focus on your prey. While it might be enjoyable to apply and wear camo face paint for and during the hunt, and serves function to cover and blend the face, nearly all hunters dread the thought of ending the hunt with it on. It is always a bummer for the hunt to end and to pack it in for the day or night, but to also have to worry about getting the face paint off your face? That’s definitely one reason for hunters to steer away from using most face paints!

Oil based or greasy face paints, the most common face paints you will have used before or will encounter, are a nightmare to wipe off. It’s oily, it gets in your pores, and requires intense scrubbing most of the time with soap and warm water! Even after several minutes with your head in the sink, or scrubbing in the shower chances are you will still have remnants of the camo face paint. It seems every time you wear this type of deer hunting face paint, you will never get it completely off your face, and your face will be raw from the endless scrubbing. This will send hunters away from face paint, and straight to using facemasks. Luckily clay based camo face paints like Carbomask® solves this particular issue. It is resistant to water, and resistant to pressure, but together comes off with some pressure and water on simply a paper towel or rag.

Why do you not where deer hunting face paint


Reason 3: It’s Not Scent Free

This is where the classic battle of face paint versus facemasks comes into play. Again the common camo face paint you have encountered up to this point is oily, greasy, and has an odor which you know well, cannot hold its ground in the whitetail woods. Scent control is vital when deer hunting, and most hunters today do all they can to eliminate any and all odors on themselves and on their gear. To waste all this by simply applying a face paint is ludicrous. Instead hunters turn to just throwing in a facemask when washing their hunting clothes in scent eliminating detergent. While going with facemasks might solve the scent problem and covering up your face, it came with other disadvantages. This again goes back to the discussion of face paint versus facemasks and which one you should go with.

Scent free camo face paint is needed for deer hunting, and again Carbomask® has provided that product. The clay based camo face paint is scent free, giving you exactly what is need out of a deer hunting face paint.

Reason 4: No Time For It

One of the final reasons deer hunters do not use camo face paint is they simply do not have the time for it. But this is also true when talking about turkey hunting face paint and duck hunting face paint. Turkey hunters especially go on quick hunts, possibly setting up and killing a turkey within 30 minutes or less. When your run and gunning so to speak when turkey hunting or just going for a quick afternoon hunt when deer hunting you may think that you do not have time to apply or take off face paint. You would be right in saying that again with the oily and greasy face paints, however when you have a clay based camo face paint like Carbomask® that can be removed within 30 seconds, time is no longer an issue!

When a camo face paint solves the functional issues that you may have when wearing deer hunting face paint, the only reason left of not wearing face paint is personal preference. If you simply do not like wearing face paint while hunting then that is one thing. However, if it again has something to do with the divide between hunters and the selfie aspect of hunting and face paint then reconsider your position. Do not let that be one foolish reason of not wearing hunting face paint. If you are a part of the rift, show support, not for the face paint’s sake, but to support hunter recruitment and youth’s participation in hunting and the outdoors!

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