5 Requirements For The Best Camo Face Paint For Turkey Hunting

Camo Face Paint Requirements That Make For the Best Turkey Hunting Face Paint

Face paints have come a long way in recent years. No we are not saying they have just been released in recent years, face paint has been around since the dawn of time, but it has made some recent advances since then, or has it? Speaking in terms of recent years the camo face paint we see and know today is where? Think about it, where do you see it the most? Selfies? TV? In hero shots? It seems anytime we turn on the TV, log in to social media, or open up snapchat during hunting season… we see camo face paint! In respects to how and where we encounter it the most, the game is definitely evolving for camo face paints, but has it made recent advances? We are in spring, turkey hunters are now out in full throttle and this is a great time to finally address which camo face paint is the best for turkey hunting. The way we see and will test the ability of face paint is with 5 requirements that are absolutely critical to meet for turkey hunters. The results may surprise you, especially revealing that face paint really hasn’t evolved, and going back in time, the idea of the originals or natural camo face paints still the king of face paints.

What Camo Face Paint Is the Best for Turkey hunting?

In order determine the best face paint for hunting, we need to run it through a gauntlet of situations and requirements that, let’s be honest all of us has experienced before while turkey hunting at some point.

Mobile and Easy- For a camo face paint to even be practical, before we even test the other requirements, it must have the ability to be easily stored, moved, and applied. What does this entail, well where your last tube, case was, stick, whatever the case may be? For you turkey hunters the answer is most likely in the truck console, in your back pack, or in your pocket. The next question that usually follows is did it get messy? Some face paints nearly disintegrate at the thought of being in a warm truck or in your pocket. For a face paint to be one mobile, two durable, and three convenient it needs packaging and consistency to be durable in the pocket, truck, or back pack. If it does not have these characteristics, the paint would not even make it to the face!

Real Camo Potential – What is the point of camo face paint? To break up or darken your face and to truly camouflage your entire silhouette and body from head to toe. In order for a face paint to do this it needs to have a range of colors that are suitable for the environment you hunt in. This means covering black, green, brown, tan, and gray. These 4 colors cover every situation a hunter will encounter from the Midwest to the south to the cold snow up north. Another color that also is not thought about entirely is the rising demographic in hunting, women! Huntress pink would also be another color required for a good face paint to include the gals! When turkey hunting on the ground, multiple colors that cover your face and hands if not wearing gloves is critical. While facemasks for turkey hunting can and will work, face paint is far easier to deal with when it comes to listening and seeing birds.

Heavy Black – Turkey hunters will be placed into two situations that the best camo face paint needs to excel at. Turkey hunting on the ground requires multiple colors to break up and camouflage the hunters face from the keen eyes of a turkey. The other situation hunters find themselves in is hunting out of a ground blind. For this a face paint must be able to lay down some solid and dark black. Wearing a black shirt, gloves, and hat and coating your face in black face paint for turkey hunting in a blind is essential to eliminate light on any movement. If a face paint cannot simply get dark enough then your face will stand out to a turkey looking into the suspicious blind.

Easy Off – In order for a face paint to fully be the best for turkey hunting, it must easily be taken off. Turkey hunting is loved for its simplicity and fast paced nature. Many turkey hunters sneak off to grab a quick hour before work or before the day really starts for everyone else. Turkeys can easily be killed given one hour making it popular with the hard working men and women that love the outdoors. The problem occurs when you show up just 5 minutes late to work, with a little black paint still on the ears or stuck in your pores. Traffic then no longer becomes a valid excuse, BUSTED! Oil based paints have the ability to be very water proof but they are an absolute nightmare to take off! The ease of actually removing the face paint discourage hunters enough to not even bother and go with the less functional option of wearing a facemask. However going with natural water-based polymeric face paint, that includes clay and activated charcoal is much easier to remove and doesn’t clog the pores. Something that can easily be taken off with just a light wipe is critical for turkey hunters trying to squeeze a hunt in before work!

Stays On – One requirement nearly contradicts the other. A face paint that is durable cannot also be easily taken off? For a face paint to be name the best camo face paint for turkey hunting, it must stay on through the challenges and rigors of turkey hunting. Turkey hunting is humid, sweaty, and possibly even soaked with some rain. Anything and everything will happen with turkey hunting that could potential destroy face paint. A valuable face paint that is water resistant, and rubbing resistant can stand up to everything turkey hunters throw at it. If it’s not up to the task your paint will easily rub off, or melt off your face and potentially into your eyes with water.

So What Camo Face Paint Has These Requirements?

Carbomask Hunting Products has a product called Carbomask®, which is an amazing water-based polymeric face paint. This face paint truly is the best camo face paint for turkey hunting, and even the best face paint for duck hunting and deer hunting. This face paint includes clay and non-pore clogging ingredients which have been bound together in a polymer which, once allowed to dry, will resist rubbing, sweat and water individually but will remove instantly once water and light pressure are applied together. In addition, the product includes activated charcoal to absorb scent like a carbon suit which has benefits when hunting deer. Carbomask® comes in tubes, it does not melt or leak in the heat like common compacts or even some semi solid sticks do. Its mobile, effective, dark, comes in many colors, and as a result meets all the requirements to be the best camo face paint for turkey hunting.

So from our point of view, sitting hundreds and thousands of years in front of the first face paints and painters, the romans, Native Americans, or any other warrior before or after had it right. The natural, carbon, charcoal, or clay based face paints hold their ground, they meet all the requirements that was needed for warriors then, and turkey hunters now. Carbomask®, the natural camo face paint, is the best camo face paint for turkey hunting.