Black Face Paint For Hunting | Is Black The Only Color Needed?

Is Black Face Paint For Hunting All You Need To Cover Your Face?

With camo face paint and black face paint for hunting becoming more and more popular among hunters, we do notice some trends. Trends…seriously, in face paint? In case you missed our last blog, “4 Foolish Reasons Hunters Don’t Use Deer Hunting Face Paint” we briefly discussed the selfie generation, face paint, and hunting. We dove into whether or not selfies and face paint are a good thing or a bad thing for hunting. Read that blog below to learn more and join the discussion. As far as this blog goes, we are diving into another great discussion and another trend for hunting face paint. This conversation is about whether or not black face paint for hunting is the only color needed for hunters.

Now this might seem a little weird to talk about exactly what colors are needed, not needed, or the best face paint for hunting, but each and every person that uses or has used camo face paint experiences the same thing. What? Each and every time you hunt and apply face paint, that black portion of your face paint compact, or face paint tube seems to fade and empty faster than any other color. Sound about right? Each time you use camo face paint for hunting, you really do use more black than the other colors, and can you answer why? Now you are starting to see this might be actually something worth talking about.

Now what sparks this discussion? Honestly why are we talk about this? Well like all trends starting to be noticed, it starts on social media. If you see a hunter’s selfie or hero picture posted with their harvest, nine times out of ten you see them only wearing black face paint. It begs the question “what does black face paint for hunting offer over other colors or a full palate of colors”? Is it truly better or just more desirable among hunters? To ask the question you have to divide and conquer on each scenario for hunting face paint. This include duck hunting face paint, turkey hunting face paint, and of course last but not least deer hunting face paint.

Duck Hunting Face Paint

What is the point of face paint? To cover your face, so a better term for this is concealment. When it comes to different types of hunting, waterfowl, duck, and goose hunting is perhaps the one where concealment matters the most. Today’s waterfowl hunters have come to realize that duck hunting face paint provides superior benefits to either facemasks or not wearing anything period. Camo face paint for waterfowl hunters gives the advantages of concealment, without limiting hearing, peripheral vision, or comfort like a facemask does. It’s no doubt hunting face paint is the best choice for waterfowl hunters, but which kind is a more difficult question to ask.

Camo or Black? If the goal of face paint is simply to cover and darken your face, then black face paint for hunting is all that is needed right? Yes and no. In the case of duck hunting face paint, black used to darken your highlighted points of your face (nose, brow, cheek bones, brows, or chin), it does an effective job at camouflaging your face from the keen eyes above. Essentially some well-placed black streaks could end up looking just like your waders! Deer hunting might be a different story however.

Deer Hunting Face Paint

The deer hunting selfie is where we see deer hunting face paint the most. Again, if you pay attention, the majority of pictures are just of black used. It may be that a hunter feels camo face paint over does it, while black face paint is the bare minimum that still has the “cool” factor. Literally this could be as simple as the perception of camo face paint overdoing it, while black face paint is just the right balance between not caring and being “professional”. Perceptions and trends aside, deer hunting face paint definitely matters. If a hunter does not use hunting face paint for deer, then chances are they are heading to the field with a facemask. Simply put, face paint offers advantages over facemasks period. Nothing at all over the face is obviously the worst choice to make. Read more in the blog below.

Deer hunting face paint requirements are similar to duck hunting, you can hit the basic requirements and hide your face with just black face paint. But there is a fine line between doing it right and overdoing it. A solid black blotch across your face is often more noticeable especially to deer that can really key upon spotting differences that are obvious when they move. While a solid blotch might look cool, it is one of the worst face paint patterns you can apply as it is extremely easy for deer to target. Instead again stripe it or put in asymmetrical patterns with no rhyme or reason other than darkening the highlights of your face. Camo face paint can offer more advantages by giving your face different shades, this is especially true for early season whitetail hunting. Using different colors of greens and lighter tans and browns give your face depth just like your camo pattern. If your goal is ultimate concealment when deer hunting, camo face paint, at least three different colors applied is desirable.

Turkey Hunting Face Paint

Turkey hunting is the one hunt that always stands out for face paint. Turkeys have keen eyesight, and unlike duck hunting, are drawn into very close range with decoys and turkey calls. You need detailed cover for your face that matches your surroundings. It’s easy to put a facemask on when turkey hunting, but again like the above blog mentions face paint offers advantages. For one you need your ears when turkey hunting, hearing a gobble or a spit drum when they get close is essential for locating and targeting birds. It also helps to keep your mouth and eyes clear, especially when you are using a mouth call. If you apply the face paint right, detailed with brown, green, black, and any other colors than can match the surroundings and your camouflage you will be prepared for situations like what happens in the video below.

So Camo Face Paint or Black Face Paint for Hunting?

Ultimately the final say is in your hands, but there are certain situations where camo face paint is better than just black face paint for hunting. Reversely, sometimes black face paint is all you need, or all you will want in certain situations. If you want just black face paint, it is available in single tubes, but if you want multiple options and different colors of face paint, multiple tube packs are also available. Black face paint for hunting has its place, whether that is next to or overlaid with different colors is your decision. Either way Carbomask camo face paint supplies you with whatever your need is.