Carbomask® Camo Face Paint with QuickRemove™ Technology

  • Carbomask® premium performance camo face paint is the best hunting camouflage face paint on the market.
  • Contains no oil or grease, it resists water and rubbing individually
  • Removes in seconds with just water and light pressure applied together.
  • Scent-free, zero glare, activated charcoal, non-pore clogging.
Carbomask Face Paint Color Swatches

Carbosoap® Bar Soap & Shampoo

  • Reduces your scent signature to the point where even if it’s detected, you will seem very far away.
  • Combines the odor eliminating power of activated charcoal with high quality scent free soap and shampoo
  • Creates the very best start to a hunting scent control regimen
  • Represents the ultimate in scent control shampoo and soap
Carbomask Quick Remove Hunting Face Paint 3 Pack

Carbomask® Camo Face Paint 1 oz. Three Pack w/ unbreakable acrylic mirror

Carbosoap Face Paint for Hunters and Outdoorsmen

Carbomask® Camo Face Paint 1.5 oz Single Tube


CarboSoap® Bar Soap

CarboSoap® Hunter’s Shampoo