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If you are a dealer and would like to discuss the possibility of carrying our products, please fill out the form to the left and/or call us at (855) 897-6688 and dial extension 1. We view dealers to be the heart of the archery and bowhunting trade and are proud to be a member of the ATA.

Hunting Products made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA

Carbomask® premium performance camo face paint is the best hunting camouflage face paint on the market. It contains no oil or grease, it resists water and rubbing individually, but removes in seconds with just water and light pressure applied together.  No baby wipe or scrubbing necessary to remove.  Scent-free, zero glare, activated charcoal, non-pore clogging. There aren’t enough hunting days in the year. Make every one count and use the best camo face paint.