Carbomask | Why Camo Face Paint for Turkey Hunting?

As millions of turkey hunters hit the woods and fields this fall, concealment will be one of the number factors to success on their mind. Though deer hunting take much of the same precaution, sitting at eye level with a thundering gobbler can make all the difference when it comes to being concealed. For some its facemasks, but with their bulky and sometimes restrictive fitting, many hunters have moved towards camouflage face paint for turkey hunting.

One of the reasons is the ability to always be prepared, with less movement or adjustments that may need to occur with a facemask. The other is that many do not like the bulky or restrictive feeling. It also might be because of wearing glasses, and the fact that many facemasks will cause those to fog at the moment your about to close the deal on a longbeard. Whatever the reason, camo face paint is becoming more popular in the spring turkey woods.

With all the options out there, you need to look for dependability and one that fits your situation. Anyone that has used camo face paint knows the struggles of getting the camouflage face paint off after the hunt, and the feeling of residue it leaves behind. Not with Carbomask! The quick, non-greasy cleanse of the face leaves you more time with the family after a long hunt and less time fighting the streaks. If you are hunting turkeys this spring give Carbomask a shot, you will not regret it.