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Why Camo Face Paint Is Better Than a Face Mask

Situations Where Hunting and Camo Face Paint is the Clear Choice Which is better: camo face paint or a face mask? Hunters all over have wondered this on opening mornings for years. In most cases, they’ll end up bringing both in their hunting packs, just because they’re not quite sure which one would work better. […]

Camo Face Paint 101 | Which Paint to Buy and How to Apply It

Which Camo Face Paint You Should Buy and How to Apply It Camo face paint is undoubtedly more useful and more effective than a hunting facemask, but only if you get the right type. While some hunters view hunting face paint as an unneeded asset and a “popular” tool employed by hunters, more for social […]

15 Items You Should Have In Your Deer Hunting Pack

Items You Should Have In Your Deer Hunting Pack | 15 Essential Deer Hunting Items While deer season might be several months away, preparation should start now. While you might here this in nearly every summer and off season deer hunting article, it’s for good reason. Beyond the endless hours of food plots, trail cameras, […]

Black Face Paint For Hunting | Is Black The Only Color Needed?

Is Black Face Paint For Hunting All You Need To Cover Your Face? With camo face paint and black face paint for hunting becoming more and more popular among hunters, we do notice some trends. Trends…seriously, in face paint? In case you missed our last blog, “4 Foolish Reasons Hunters Don’t Use Deer Hunting Face […]

Duck Hunting Face Paint | Face Paint Solutions For Duck Hunters

Stay Concealed in the Marsh | Camo Duck Hunting Face Paint For many years, there has been a debate among waterfowl hunters. This debate doesn’t involve determining which decoys are the best or which ammunition shoots the best. No, this debate is much deeper than that. It concerns the number one rule to success when […]

5 Requirements For The Best Camo Face Paint For Turkey Hunting

Camo Face Paint Requirements That Make For the Best Turkey Hunting Face Paint Face paints have come a long way in recent years. No we are not saying they have just been released in recent years, face paint has been around since the dawn of time, but it has made some recent advances since then, […]

Carbomask | Why Camo Face Paint for Turkey Hunting?

As millions of turkey hunters hit the woods and fields this fall, concealment will be one of the number factors to success on their mind. Though deer hunting take much of the same precaution, sitting at eye level with a thundering gobbler can make all the difference when it comes to being concealed. For some […]

Carbomask Face Paint | Coyote Ambushes Turkey, Hunter Captures All

The balance between predator and prey can be intense. On a spring day in Indiana, a Carbomask Face Paint wearing Weston Schrank, was belly crawling to film a strutting longbeard in the hay field. Make soft calls to lure the bird closer for some better shots, Weston soon learned he wasn’t the only one watching. […]