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For many years, there has been a debate among waterfowl hunters. This debate doesn’t involve determining which decoys are the best or which ammunition shoots the best. No, this debate is much deeper than that. It concerns the number one rule to success when it comes to waterfowl hunting, and that is concealment. This debate has divided waterfowl hunters for many years, and is one that will most likely continue for years to come. So what is the debate at hand? It is the topic of facemask verses camo face paint a hunter’s choice between using a facemask or duck hunting face paint. While there is still many who prefer the “ole’ facemask”, todays waterfowl hunters have come realize the benefits that camo face paint can provide, especially when chasing ducks and geese. However, if you are still on the fence, here are a few thoughts that might help you make up your mind and star using this duck hunting face paint!

It’s All About Comfort

Duck Hunting Face Paint

Without a doubt, chasing ducks and geese can be one of the most physically and mentally demanding activities that a hunter can pursue. While chasing mature whitetails and hard gobbling turkeys do come with their difficulties, waterfowl hunters are often exposed to a wide range of weather conditions which can often border on extreme. They require their equipment to consistently perform at a high level, and their method of concealments is certainly now exception. Waterfowl hunters need to be concealed from the wary eyes of the ducks and geese they are chasing, while at the same time remaining comfortable. Having the ability to sit for long hours, with minimal movement can be critical to success in the marsh, and utilizing duck hunting face paint over a facemask can provide just that!

Waterfowl hunting can often be a sport of finesse and subtlety. A little movement in the decoys or subtle calling can sometimes make all the difference. Point being, waterfowl hunters have a lot to focus on already, toss a cumbersome facemask into the mix, and you have added one more thing to contend with. Dealing with an uncomfortable facemask can often cause the wearer to significantly increase their movement and motion, without even knowing it. This is an issue when chasing any game species but especially when hunting waterfowl. Facemasks often cling to the hair of the wear as well as other debris or materials that is in close proximity to the blind. There is nothing worse than pulling up to take the shot only to be quickly pulled back down by your facemask, which happens to be hung on a cornstalk or tree limb. While it may sound a little laughable, it happens, and it can be extremely frustrating.

Camouflage face paint and duck hunting face paint completely eliminates this issue all together. Camouflage face paint allows the user to be completely comfortable, without having to deal with the feeling of a nagging facemask pulling and grabbing at every turn. The increased comfort and lack of irritation allows the user to remain still and decreases the need for constant readjusting, which can make all the difference when waterfowl hunting!

It’s Also about Concealment

When it comes to waterfowl hunting, it is all about bringing the birds in up close and personal. Waterfowl were gifted with keen eye sight and survival instincts. They are incredibly cautious animals, and will flare at the first sight of danger. Regardless if you are hunting flooded timber in Arkansas or the potholes of the Dakotas, in order to be successful you have to be hidden.

Duck Hunting Face Paint

The sun is both the waterfowl hunter’s saving grace and worst enemy. High pressure, blue bird days when the sun is shining bright can really add an extra dimension to your set. The sunshine can really bring out the realism in your decoy spread. Sunshine can help create shadows that can help conceal hunters and blinds from the keen eyesight of the birds overhead, however, sunshine can also cause uncovered areas such the hands and face of a duck hunter to shine like a mirror in the sun. Waterfowl hunters have to balance remaining perfectly hidden while at the same time, relying on their camouflage to cover in subtle movements that they have to make while working ducks and geese. It is these small movements that can get a waterfowl hunter in trouble, especially when they uncovered areas on their face or hands. “Skin glare” can be a waterfowl hunter’s worst enemy, and will cost many waterfowl hunters the opportunity to pull the trigger this fall.

While face masks do provide an element of concealment to the waterfowl hunter, they are not without their drawbacks. Full face mask are cumbersome and uncomfortable and still allow the eye and upper nose area of the hunter to be exposed. Half masks do exactly that, covering only half of the hunters face. This leaves a significant part of the face exposed. While it may be hard to believe, during bright and sunny days these exposed areas can shine bright enough to be disastrous.

By utilizing camo face paint and more specifically duck hunting face paint as a means of concealment, waterfowl hunters have been afforded the ability to be both concealed while also being able to make subtle movements while watching and working waterfowl. Having the ability to keep their face pointed slightly skyward, focused on circling waterfowl automatically gives a duck or goose hunter the upper hand. In addition, nothing can be more aggravating that trying to call waterfowl with a face mask, utilizing duck hunting face paint easily addresses this issue and helps increase the performance of both the hunter and the call.

Proof is in the Pudding…Or The Paint in This Matter

If you have paid close attention, you have probably noticed that most of today’s professional waterfowl hunters have almost completely transitioned from face masks to duck hunting face paint. It is simple, utilizing hunting face paint when hunting waterfowl, it helps you harvest more ducks and geese. The proof is in the pudding! The day has finally come to ditch that old faded face mask and start stepping you game up with a camouflage face paint.

When hunters are asked why they prefer a face mask over face paint, the three most common answers concern the overall difficulty of removing the paint after the hunt, the lack of color options, and most concerning the ability for the paint not to run or fade with water. Is there a duck hunting face paint that has all three?

Carbomask® Face Paint

(Video) – Carbomask® premium performance camo face paint is the best hunting camouflage face paint on the market. It contains no oil or grease, it resists water and rubbing individually, but removes in seconds with just water and light pressure applied together. No baby wipe or scrubbing necessary to remove. Scent-free, zero glare, activated charcoal, non-pore clogging. There aren’t enough hunting days in the year. Make every one count and use the best camo face paint.

Much like the sport of hunting has advanced over the years, so has camouflage face paint technology. Today, camo face paint is easy to apply and can be even easier to remove. Colors from Carbomask® shadow black, sagebrush green and desert tan are the perfect tone to help duck and goose hunters blend in to almost every possible habitat or situation. From flooded timber to flooded cornfields, Carbomask® has you covered for every possible scenario. This line of duck hunting face paint is easy to carry and doesn’t require a lot of room in your blind bag. When you involved in a “gear intensive” sport like waterfowl hunting, the words “easy to carry” take on a whole new meaning! Best of all, Carbomask® hunting face paint does not come off with just water alone…but with water and light pressure. While it is not greasy or oily, it is resistant to water but will survive the duck and waterfowl hunt. However this camouflage face paint will be easy to wipe off once the hunt is over. Carbomask ® literally satisfies and exceeds what is desired from waterfowl hunters in a duck hunting face paint.

So, let us recap. While face masks do have their place in the outdoor world, the disadvantages are beginning to outweigh the advantages. Today’s camouflage face paint systems offer the hunter with the best color pattern and tones needed to match any habitat or surrounding. Camouflage face paint from Carbomask® is both easy to apply and easy to remove and doesn’t require a lot of space to carry. Utilizing this duck hunting face paint on your hands and face will greatly reduce the amount of glare and keep you hidden, while still allowing you to get away with the subtle movements needed to be effective in the field. Today’s camo face paint systems are designed to hold up through a wide range of conditions, however, can be easily touched up and blended as need to get your concealment as crisp as possible.

If you do the math, the facts mentioned in the summary above should be enough to convenience you that ditching that old face mask and moving to a duck hunting face paint system will greatly impact your hunting experience for the better. For those that give embrace the change and give camo face paint a try, you are sure to be pleased!