Randy Ulmer, Petersen’s Bowhunting

"Carbomask is the best face paint"

Tony Peterson, BOWHUNTER Magazine

"Carbomask is the hands down best"

Fred Eichler, Professional Hunter

Fred Eichler, Professional Hunter

"Thanks for making a great product"

Game & Fish Magazine

"Carbomask takes the pain out of face paint"

Ladies in Camo

"Doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts"


"Carbomask is the best face paint"


"Carbomask is a Must-Have product"

Curt Wells, BOWHUNTER Magazine

"I use Carbomask"


Bowhunter Magazine

While trying to shoot a buck a few years ago, I had a minor panic attack that was brought on by the sudden realization I couldn’t hit my anchor point due to a facemask. Since then, I’ve used greasy facepaints for nearly all of my hunts. That is until this Spring when I tried out Carbomask which uses activated charcoal and natural clays instead of oils. The end result? Nongreasy facepaint that dries quickly, comes off easily, and is the hands-down best product

Petersen’s Bowhunting Magazine

The Best Face Paint I have tried every face paint on the market and never found one that satisfied me. Well, I was walking down the aisle at the Archery Trade Association Show this past January when I saw a guy in a booth with his face covered in camo paint. After checking out the product, I tried to buy most of what he had on display! It’s made with activated charcoal and natural clays. It isn’t shiny, doesn’t smell, it stays put and it washes off easily. It’s called Carbomask (

Ladies In Camo

Now that I’ve tried it? I love it! Honestly, it goes on smooth and wipes off completely and easily enough that I can leave the woods, change my clothes, wipe off my face and head out to either eat at a restaurant or shop. I don’t necessarily have to head straight home to scrub off my face because a simple wet cloth takes care of it. CarboMask was gentle on my skin and after using it several times I found no residue and my pores weren’t clogged. I really like the added benefit of being able to mask my hands and not have a layer of cloth between me and the bow. I do find it easier to wipe my face down, dry, then apply. But if you sweat after applying it’s not a problem, it doesn’t run

In addition to being easy to apply and rinse off, CarboMask has the added benefit of containing activated charcoal, an odor absorbent. It contains no oils, grease and dries to a flat finish. Once dried it was weightless on my face and hands

Derek Mleynek, Bowhunter TV

I wanted to shoot you a note to say thank you for the new face paint you sent me a few weeks ago. I always use it while hunting and I love your product more every time. I’ve turned a couple of my buddies on to Carbomask.
I’ve attached a picture of my Illinois Turkey I killed Monday. Yeah, I’m a bowhunter at heart (obviously, because I don’t even own a good “turkey” gun), but I love chasing a gobbler with my shotgun. Its the fastest way to get one on the ground for me! In the picture I’ve been wearing carbomask for about 7 hours…still looks great!


When I am bowhunting I always prefer to use camo face paint. In fact I recently outlined why camo face paint is better than face masks. But a lot of you are calling BS because you know how aggravating it can be to wash off face paint. This season I stumbled across Carbomask and so far it is the best camo face paint that I have used. The past 3 bow seasons have left me searching for a decent camo face paint. I have been using Hunter’s Specialties Camo Creme. The HS Creme went on nice and smooth. Getting good patterns and full coverage was easy. The problem was not the look, feel or application. The problem is the removal. All the camo on the market is advertised as easy removal. That is just an outright lie. Carbomask is 100% easy to remove. A wet wipe in my truck is more than enough for removal. If you are using water and a little soap removal is even much easier. No scrubbing or scrapping is needed. This stuff just wipes right off. Sensitive skin is safe and untouched with Carbomask. I bowhunted in NC during September and October of 2014 and it was hot. Unfortunately I broke into a sweat during several trips to the stand. Fortunately I never had any issue with Carbomask smearing or running

Happy Hunter Review – Mike M

I’m in Mississippi where the early season is nearly always hot and humid. Carbomask goes on easy, dries fast and is the easiest to remove face paint I have ever used. It stays on with sweat or 90% humidity without fading. It wipes off easy with soap and water; absolutely no scrubbing. Once you try it, you’ll never use another face paint

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