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CarboSoap® Premium Performance Hunter’s Soap is the lowest odor hunter’s soap on the market today.

Activated charcoal and micro dermabrasion are unique to CarboSoap® and make it exceptionally effective at removing a hunter’s scent signature. Utilizing a combination of activated charcoal, scent-free high glycerine soap, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and diatomaceous earth, CarboSoap® adsorbs odors and gently removes dead skin cells to provide a superior start to your scent control regimen.

Like it or not, if you are a human, you’re leaving a micro “cookie crumb trail” of human dander as you walk in the woods. Bloodhounds can follow it and game know to avoid it. So, by removing the deadest skin with CarboSoap®, one is helping ensure that day’s “crumbs” are mostly making down the shower drain, not flaking off on the trail. In addition, removing such dead skin cells deprives odor-producing bacteria of a primary food source. Less food means less bacteria, which means less odor and more game within range.

We believe that this is the highest performance hunting soap that has ever been created. Comes with customary 100% money back guarantee. (4.0 oz bar)

Proudly made in the USA.