When I am bowhunting I always prefer to use camo face paint. In fact I recently outlined why camo face paint is better than face masks. But a lot of you are calling BS because you know how aggravating it can be to wash off face paint. This season I stumbled across Carbomask and so far it is the best camo face paint that I have used. The past 3 bow seasons have left me searching for a decent camo face paint. I have been using Hunter’s Specialties Camo Creme. The HS Creme went on nice and smooth. Getting good patterns and full coverage was easy. The problem was not the look, feel or application. The problem is the removal. All the camo on the market is advertised as easy removal. That is just an outright lie. Carbomask is 100% easy to remove. A wet wipe in my truck is more than enough for removal. If you are using water and a little soap removal is even much easier. No scrubbing or scrapping is needed. This stuff just wipes right off. Sensitive skin is safe and untouched with Carbomask. I bowhunted in NC during September and October of 2014 and it was hot. Unfortunately I broke into a sweat during several trips to the stand. Fortunately I never had any issue with Carbomask smearing or running