We take the pain out of camo face paint.  Oil-free, glare-free, easy to remove. #1 rated by Bowhunter Magazine and Petersen’s Bowhunting.

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Carbomask® camouflage face paint is made with clay and activated charcoal.  It will resist rubbing, rain and sweat, yet removes easily when water and light pressure are applied together. Carbomask® is grease-free, scent-free, zero glare matte finish, & has activated charcoal for odor adsorbtion. Won’t cause pimples like grease paint. #1 rated by Bowhunter Magazine, Petersen’s Hunting, and Fish & Game magazine.

Camo Color choices:

1. ALL BLACK PACK: 3 Tubes of Shadow Black, no other colors

2. WOODLAND PACK: Shadow Black, Hunter Green and Earth Brown.

3. ALL TERRAIN PACK: Shadow Black, Hunter Green and Wolf Gray.

4. PRAIRIE PACK: Shadow Black, Sagebrush Green and Desert Tan.

5. WATERFOWL PACK: Shadow Black, Swamp Brown and Marshgrass Tan.

Product features:

  • Three (3) 1.0 ounce tubes of Carbomask® premium camo face paint
  • Clay-based formula will resist rubbing and water/sweat separately but will remove immediately when water and light pressure are applied together (wet cloth or paper towel)
  • Non-greasy, non-pore clogging.
  • Allows skin to function normally (you can sweat through it and your sweat will remain clear!)
  • Activated carbon to adsorb odor
  • No glare whatsoever.
  • Comes with paracord lanyard
  • Comes with unbreakable acrylic dog-tag mirror
  • Customary 100% money back guarantee.
  • 100% FDA and EU approved cosmetic ingredients. Latex-free.  Made with pride in the USA.