Ladies In Camo

Now that I’ve tried it? I love it! Honestly, it goes on smooth and wipes off completely and easily enough that I can leave the woods, change my clothes, wipe off my face and head out to either eat at a restaurant or shop. I don’t necessarily have to head straight home to scrub off my face because a simple wet cloth takes care of it. CarboMask was gentle on my skin and after using it several times I found no residue and my pores weren’t clogged. I really like the added benefit of being able to mask my hands and not have a layer of cloth between me and the bow. I do find it easier to wipe my face down, dry, then apply. But if you sweat after applying it’s not a problem, it doesn’t run

In addition to being easy to apply and rinse off, CarboMask has the added benefit of containing activated charcoal, an odor absorbent. It contains no oils, grease and dries to a flat finish. Once dried it was weightless on my face and hands